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International Life Coach

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Profile of Dr.Paul Susheel


Paul Susheel is a Trainer of International repute. He is the youngest trainer to have crossed 1000 training assignments in the country. He is a highly acclaimed leadership coach, top class Teacher trainer, an expert parenting counsellor, a world class graphologist and an inspiring motivational speaker. He is one among the very few trainers in the state who enjoys celebrity status with a huge popularity.

He is a certified NLP master practitioner and certified A Grade graphologist apart from being an E.M.D.R therapist, counsellor and a Pranic healer. He is a commended personality analyst which he successfully accomplishes through several areas of his knowledge repertory. His training programs, seminars and workshops are highly energetic, enriching, informative ,motivating and true life changing ; transforming people towards a very positive life both professionally and personally. With 1000 programmes under his credit he has touched and transformed more than a 2 lakh of lives.

Programs by Paul Susheel

He conducts seminars, open workshops, campus training programs, corporate training , job skills scalers, faculty development programs, parenting programs, capacity assessment & building program for school and college teachers, family enrichment programs,  ryla’s for rotary clubs across the country and abroad, family enrichment programs for lions club, entrepreneurship development programmes for WE, other clubs and forum supported motivation and leadership and skills development programs in schools and colleges.

He has successfully done programmes for students in 200 plus colleges & 300 plus schools across the country.  He has done more than 150 workshops for teachers and 50 plus open and school sponsored parenting programs. 200 plus programs for employees and  invited as key note speaker in hundreds of  RYLA’S. He tops the list of trainers with huge number of mass audience programs in the country.

International Programs : He has successfully done teacher training programs in Thailand and in Srilanka.  Parenting programs in Singapore and leadership programs in Nepal and in Malaysia.

TV Personality

 He is a regular face in the visual media too. He is a T.V personality and he has been interviewed in  NEWS 7, Raj TV, Jaya TV, Kalaignar Tv,  Vendar Tv and other leading satellite channels. He has over 30 live shows to his credit on various soft and social skills, job skills, stress management, graphology, positive parenting, stress management, accelerated learning methods and emotional intelligence.

Latest Programs

  • 4th Batch of Train The Trainer (TTT)  Program 
  • English Language Proficiency Classes - Weekdays for Homemakers & Weekend Batches for students 
  • Parenting Demo Session - Dates to be Announced shortly.

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